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Battipaglia - online fiera - digitale - directlyitaly - destination wedding

The Territory

Battipaglia - Salerno - Italia - Destination Wedding

Its geographic location has characterized its destiny. Situated at the northern border of Piana del Sele, a 700 sq km landmass bisected by the Sele River, Battipaglia was conquered by both the Romans and the Greeks.

The name appeared for the first time in 1080, and was associated with the Duchy of Puglia and Calabria. It most likely derives from the combination of “beat” and “straw,” or beating straw, which was the major economic activity of the time.

Buffalo Mozzarella

Although industrialization in the 1960s supplanted agricultural activity, Battipaglia remains one of the principal Italian centres for producing buffalo mozzarella. 


Battipaglia - online fiera - digitale - directlyitaly - destination wedding

It originated in Battipaglia and spread to the rest of Italy.

According to historical legend, during the 12th century a local monastic community (Order of San Lorenzo) used to offer pilgrims a buffalo milk cheese called “mozza” (from the verb “mozzare” to cut).

It’s diffusion throughout Italy occurred from 1300 onwards and was predominantly through monastic communities that sold this cheese in the local markets, especially Capua and Aversa

It would take another two centuries before the term “mozzarella” became part of the common vocabulary. The catalyst was the chef Bartolomeo Scappi mentioning it in his 1570 cookbook. In 1700 production of buffalo mozzarella went mainstream, and the Government established a register of products deriving from buffalo milk.


Battipaglia - online fiera - digitale - directlyitaly - destination wedding- mozzarellla di bufala

Thanks to the Bourbons, industrial scale production spread to Campania, Lazio and Puglia.

In 1981 the Consortium for the protection of buffalo mozzarella from Campania was established. This protects this precious product which in 1996 was recognized by the D.O.P. of Protected Origin.

This cheese was immediately synonymous with delicacy. It began to be used at weddings and special parties.

 Even today, it differs from the simple fior di latte (mozzarella made with cow’s milk) and is used in dishes for anniversaries or special events.

Battipaglia & Salerno for Destination Wedding

Battipaglia - online fiera - digitale - directlyitaly - destination wedding





For those coming from abroad, Battipaglia and nearby Salerno could be the locations for a destination wedding. For Catholic weddings, brides’ choices can range from the modern Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Speranza to the seventeenth-century Chapel of San Giuseppe.

For civil or symbolic celebrations, the choice is also wide and includes villas and historic residences. Salerno, with its landscapes overlooking the sea, is the ideal place for a wedding with breathtaking backdrops.


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